Every Business is Unique

At Cloud Wave Marketing, We Are Flexible in Our Pricing Plans and Personalize Each of Our Bundle Offers Around Our Clients



What We Offer



Top Sellers

  • Facebook Ads Campaigns – While Google and Bing Ad campaigns let you place your ads based on the keyword searches, Facebook lets you place your ads based on specific characteristics of each individual Facebook user. The potential that Facebook ads provides for small businesses is incredible. You can target users by where they live, by age, by income level, by what things that they like on Facebook, etc. The ability to hyper-target your ads to reach a specific audience is unparalleled with Facebook advertising.


  • Pay-Per-Call Lead Generation – Pay-Per-Call Lead Generation has steadily grown into one of our most popular services here at Cloud Wave Marketing. Pay-Per-Call lead generation is a no-contract, results-driven service of ours that only charges you when we direct a potential lead to your business via phone call. We only utilize the most effective advertising techniques available to ensure that the phone calls we generate are high, quality, targeted leads for your business



One-Time Services

  • Claim My Business – Unfortunately, many businesses are not even registered to show up on Google maps or Yelp even when a potential customer is specifically searching for them. The process of registering your business on websites such as Google or Yelp is an easy and inexpensive way to gain more customers instantly!

  • Build/Update Your Website – As the internet continues to expand and evolve, your business’s website becomes increasingly important to your ability to attract new customers. One common problem that we see today is that many small businesses have websites, however they are not mobile friendly. Revising your website to make sure that it is “mobile friendly” is a great way to ensure a great first impression among potential customers.

  • Build/Update Your Social Media Presence – Many people initially saw the rise of Social Media platforms such as Facebook as a trend that would come and go within a few years. Today it is very clear that this is not the case. Facebook alone has over 1 billion users and this platform is growing everyday. If your business does not at least have a profile for platforms such as Facebook or Twitter, your business is missing out on a great deal of potential customers and free traffic to your website.



Re-Occuring Monthly Campaigns

  • Build and Optimize Your Email Campaigns –  If your business does not: 1) Collect Emails, 2) Email Your List on a Regular Basis, 3) Offer New Products/Discounts to Your Clients on a Semi-Regular Basis  – then your business is missing out on a HUGE potential source of income. Your email subscribers are the easiest customers to sell to. They trust you and in many cases, they have already purchased from you. An effective email funnel, and email auto-responder campaign is an effective way to transform your one-time-customers into clients for life.

  • Search Engine Optimization (Ranking Your Website on the First Page of Google) – Say someone searched for the term “best plumbing service in Boston” on google. Any plumbing service that ranks on the first page of that search has the potential to advertise their business to someone who is clearly looking for plumbing services. Ranking your company’s page on the first page of google for specific search terms is an effective way to consistently acquire new customers.

  • Google Adwords / Bing Ads Campaigns – Search Engine Optimization can become costly to continuously rank for specific keywords. Luckily, Google Adwords and Bing Ads campaigns allow a more cost friendly alternative. Google Adwords and Bing ads allow you to place ads for your business on these search engine platforms for any keyword that they choose. These ad campaign platforms allow provide in depth analysis for your campaigns so you can specifically track every penny that you spend on advertising.

  • Social Media Management- Building a following on Social Media is a tremendous way for any business to organically increase their web-presence. Building a strong Social Media following helps establish a high level of trust between your business and your customers. If utilized correctly, Social Media Marketing can be utilized as a tool to increase brand recognition and a free form of advertising for any small business.